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You send a quick glare towards him when he gets beside you, other than that you ignore his presence. You find him dancing in the middle of a space that had opened up around him. He was good, his dancing was eye-catching and you could feel his passion for dance by watching him, you smirk to yourself looking down to focus on your job and not him. You continue to steal glances at him occasionally during the song, while you move along with it yourself, your headphones on ignoring most of your surroundings. When the song ends you change it to a more club best song adjusting the bass once more. You glance over at Hyukjae when he walks back up beside you. He points towards a song that has a strong bass, you turn the bass down in anticipation starting the song. Not a fake one? Masterlist Submit A Request. Posted on February 12, with notes eunhyuk imagine eunhyuk scenario eunhyuk oneshot super junior imagine super junior oneshot super junior scenario suju imagine suju scenario suju oneshot hyukjae imagine hyukjae scenario hyukjae oneshot pocket senarios admin: Babyboiii.

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With number We hope you enjoy it I love Eunhyuk so much, bless this man! Originally posted by eunhaero. Nervousness etched onto your face, you slowly scrolled through the news website, pausing occasionally to take a sip from your glass of water. To say that you were worried was an understatement.

Soft giggles echoed throughout the dimply lit apartment as Hyukjae clumsily tried to You have been dating for over 4 years now. Every day with you feels like heaven and i wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. #eunhyuk#hyukjae#lee hyukjae#mine suju#super junior hyukjae#suju#super More like 30 minutes.

Super Junior Fandom Name: E. Show more Leeteuk fun facts…. He was winter. Time and punctuality is very important for him. He had metal rods in his leg for his recovery. Show more Heechul fun facts…. He has a habit to wake up and sleep in a different bed every 20 minutes. This mostly happens when they are staying at a hotel — The meaning of his name is powerful, artistic.

Y and Super Junior-Happy.

060217 Eunhyuk’s 100 Q&A

Okay, so I guess I should start off with saying that netizens have known about this couple for quite a well. I’ve seen several Pann posts about it but a lot of fans from each side dismissed it as coincidence at first like cryptic messages on their mini-homepages to each other so I didn’t think much about it either.

Anyway, most of Korea is sleeping atm so the vote numbers are pretty low. It’s the expression men feel after sweating from doing ‘something’ and it’s the physical exhaustion that follows. They did it

October 30th, , pm It has been three days since Hyukjae and Donghae met each other and now they’re a little secret, which will be discovered by a weird guy named Lee Hyukjae. Ugh, why must Donghae dating with Eunseo.

Hyukjae’s a year younger than Donghae. Summary : People say that high school will be the greatest years of your life. You make friends, get ready for the future, and fall in love. Well, Hyukjae’s ready to experience it all except for the last one. For falling in love also means putting your heart on the line. Hyukjae was just a freshman when he first saw Donghae. The moment he laid his eyes on him, he knew that he felt something special for the other.

He was part of the tour group Donghae and his friends were guiding through the school. Naturally, he tried to brush it off and blame it on his first day jitters.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Rumored to be Directing TFBoys for Their Anniversary Concert in Shenzhen

Hyukjae really wanted Donghae all to himself on this special day. But no, they were part of internationally famous group, Super Junior and had schedules today. Hyukjae groaned as he left the stage. Sure, he liked it when the fans cheered for him but he thought he at least deserved to have a day off and the fact that Hyukjae had been woken up by Donghae at 5am wasn’t helping either.

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More than six months after she posted a photo of herself with a shirtless Eunhyuk of Super Junior to Twitter, K-pop solo singer IU apologized to the boy band member for the incident, which she swears was an accident. Why did I do this? And to be honest, I couldn’t even blame anyone else because I was the one who uploaded it.

IU, says she removed the photo just a couple of minutes after posting it, but that was enough time for several of the year-old singer’s Twitter followers to capture the photo and repost it. Upon seeing the photo several, fans pointed out that IU, whose real name is Lee Ji Eun was wearing a pair of pajamas her fans had given her. When IU realized that the photo of her and the Super Junior rapper had gone viral, she was horrified.

Should I be sorry to the people who loved me?

[AO Exclusives] Here’s What You Shouldn’t Miss Out On The Upcoming Super Show 8 in Manila

You walk up to the front door, a plastic bag of groceries hanging from your arm. You raise your hand to knock, and then hesitate. Actually, it was quite the opposite. She was a wonderful woman, and she had been quite happy to let you marry her son.

On the May 30th episode of ‘Section TV’, Kyuhyun appeared for an military discharge, Super Junior members, dating, and his ideal type. He expressed, “​Recently I had a fan meeting, and Ryeowook, Donghae, and Eunhyuk are the only What show did Lee Minho first appear in? 6 days ago 14 43,

You laid still in bed as you felt Kyuhyun jolt awake, knowing perfectly well why he woke up. For the past 5 minutes he has been whining in his sleep, obviously disturbed, and for a split second you swear you heard a sob. Keep reading. You got the chance to become close with the members of Super Junior through your childhood friend, Donghae. Now they feel like a second family to you. To be honest, the first time you met the members you thought you would start to develop a crush on all of them since they were all so handsome.

But why him? Chapter One. You Oh Hye Jin and your boyfriend Donghae have been dating for a few years now, he was amazing and the hugest sweetheart but you felt that excitement in your sex life was lacking. You decided to suggest an idea to him…. Leeteuk has been sitting on the couch chit-chatting away for almost a half-hour on the phone, and you were beginning to feel neglected as you just watched him laugh and talk.

7 Mysterious Dating Scandals That Left Fans Suspicious

This is why he chose the name Eunhyuk. They have been friends since childhood. Donghae got so upset at this that he cried in the bathroom. He loves strawberry milk. He has already visited Japan a number of times. He is thankful to the members for supporting him even though he cannot express everything that he would like to.

30 Days Manga Challenge Yaoi Version so lets do the days I missed in one go, okay? Shunpei’s sister discovers her brother and his bestfriend are dating (​from Elecktel super junior sensiblee photoshoot eunhyuk lee hyukjae pretty hyuk [NEWS] Super Junior’s Eunhyuk is chosen as the Best Idol for.

On the May 30th episode of ‘ Section TV ‘, Kyuhyun appeared for an interview and talked about his recent military discharge , Super Junior members, dating, and his ideal type. I’m going to remember the other members who didn’t show up. It’s been a long time since I’ve dated, and I think I’m dumb when it comes to dating.

I miss the feeling of dating. Log in to comment. Of course queen jisoo is every korean guy’s ideal type. She is so pretty, kind hearted and so so precious.. I remember he was smiling and staring at her all the time when she was a guest on Radio Star. He has a good taste. Night Mode. Posted by germainej Thursday, May 30, Share this article. Jisoo Super Junior Kyuhyun.

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Lee Dong-hae is South Korean Actor, songwriter and singer. He is among the top four Korean actors to appear on Chinese Stamps. He was born in Korea on October 15 of the year , he want to become a footballer but his father wants him to become singer.

Browse through and read eunhyuk stories and books. Everyone, meet Lee KeyHae. Show more featured · Super Junior x Reader Oneshots. September 30, Mr. Whiskers You’re so lucky to be dating one of the members of Super Junior. did she know was that today was going to be different then any normal day.

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Super Junior’s Kyuhyun names Black Pink’s Jisoo as ideal type

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– On MBC Music “Super Junior’s One Fine Day,” Super Junior Super Junior Donghae and Eunhyuk Lee Donghae, Leeteuk, Heechul, Kim Young, Super Insta K-Pop: This Week’s Best Idol Instagram Posts (March April 4, ) Going to same place is counted as dating., well then I wonder what. Lee.

I hope you enjoy it! Originally posted by randomsuperjuniorgifs. Soft giggles echoed throughout the dimply lit apartment as Hyukjae clumsily tried to unclasp your bra. You teasingly nipped at his earlobe, doing everything possible to solicit even the smallest noise. That task was easier than expected, a small gasp leaving his mouth as soon as you moved his hands away to undo your bra yourself. Keep reading. You have been dating for over 4 years now. Little did you know that your boyfriend was getting ready to propose to you.

Who is Donghae’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Lee Dong hae of Super Junior

It takes only one photograph to involve idols in dating rumors, a phenomenon that seemingly appears left and right nowadays. The story behind these so-called dating scandals was cleared up by the artists and their agencies, but some fans continued to wonder if it could be a cover up. In November of , a photo of what appeared to be a shirtless Eunhyuk and IU caused a massive uproar in the entertainment world, sparking dating rumors and even marriage and pregnancy speculation. IU admitted in a later interview that she had uploaded the image by mistake, and cleared up the pregnancy rumor, yet neither IU nor Eunhyuk ever admitted or denied being in a relationship after that.

Ice Princess – Eunhyuk (Admin: Babyboiii) “She’s impossible,” sunnnie30 liked this If he is still having a hard time after a few days he will confide in you, but Kevin: Kwanghee: Siwan: Lee Hoo: Taeheon: Heechul: Minwoo: Dongjun: you do not get to see him often or go on dates like regular couples.

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. When Heechul and Hyukjae accidentally get locked inside a sweltering practice room and have no choice but to wait for their members to come back from an ice cream outing, the two are forced to confront their strange feelings towards each other.

How is he gonna like the fact that he was about to be gang bang raped by his classmates?! HyukJae was about to spit it out but the four were already all over his body like hungry lions. Cho Kyuhyun hadn’t ever planned on using the gift his grandmother left him. A gift from a woman who didn’t believe love that came naturally ever survived.

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