Parker should be a familiar name to anyone who pays attention to pens; their Jotter ballpoints are everywhere, and they have a pretty good reputation in the higher end as well. They were and still are one of the great fountain pen companies, and the arrow clip design should be instantly recognizable to anyone who pays attention to fine pens. Parker was founded by George Stafford Parker in Early Parker pens had the unique patented “Lucky Curve” feed, which was an elongated conventional feed that curved back to touch the barrel wall. Supposedly this helps draw ink back into the pen when it wasn’t in use. Parker used the Lucky Curve into the s as a competitive market differentiator in a crowded pen market. Unlike most major manufacturers of the era, Parker largely stayed away from the lever fill mechanism. Although they did produce some examples of lever fillers, they prefered their own homegrown mechanisms. During the s and s, this was the button fill mechanism, which used a button hidden behind a blind cap to compress the bar that the lever would have compressed. The Duofold, introduced around , formed the top end of the Parker line through the s.

A Brief History of The Parker 51 Fountain Pen

Upcoming Past Aftersale. Price unavailable. Dished stepped tassie and shiny chrome barrel point. Black shiny plastic grip section.

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Date codes 2. Nib codes 3. Hallmarks and other markings 4. Condition codes 5. Abbreviation codes. In mid Parker began marking most pens and pencils with a date code, both the barrel and the nibs were marked, but lacking a date code doesn’t necessarily mean that the pen was made pre, since many imprints have been worn off with use. The first date codes, found for example on the Vacumatics, consists of two digits, the first one denoting the quarter of production, the second denoting the production year.

Hence a “47” marking on a ‘s pen indicate that the pen was produced in the fourth quarter of , not , which is a common misconception. In the second quarter of this system was however changed to save production time, and a new date code, using a system of dots, was adopted.

Parker Date-Codes Reference

Black hard rubber cap top. Triple gold filled center bands and ferrule. Twist to extend and retract 1. Fresh eraser installed. Excellent color and no brassing.

Instead it is an effort to help collectors and/or Vac-owners to identify and perhaps date their pens. Dating is rather simple, since most Vacs have a date code.

Each fountain pen or piece of writing equipment forms part of the collective history of its period and has a history unique to that particular item. It was reported recently that, in the days before the National Health Service, when health care had to be paid for, a man pawned his fountain pen to raise funds to enable his wife to be released from hospital. Just three examples which only scratch the surface of the lifetime of memories held within each item. A treasure trove of history that no new fountain pen could convey.

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Parker Pen Company

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DETAILS: Vintage from ‘s (no Parker dating code). Dished stepped tassie and PARKER Vacumatic Lot of Seven Fountain Pens · 03 Sep. Aftersale Parker​.

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The nib has a single slit and a round breather hole, and it is engraved with Parker USA, 53, and an arrow design that matches the clip.

The Parker Vacumatic

My first fountain pens were made by Parker. They made a variety of different styles over the years, which makes them fun to collect—you can see how tastes changed over the years, and how the technology improved or at least changed. Parker also has usually had a date code on their pens. This helps know year of manufacture. This mark is usually small only really legible under a magnifying glass around either one of the end of the pen or the cap.

The year of manufacture was based on either another letter, or a Roman numeral.

Dating parker vacumatic pens. (ca. Not filled pens should be noted. Scratches, dull finish. Common Parker markings: Rolled Gold 1/10 12ct R Gold Gold plated:​.

This is a Parker 51 Aerometric with a frosted finish Lustraloy cap in Blue c. Between these stampings on each side is a 51 logo stamping. The cap is tapered more than earlier caps, similar to the Parker This is a Parker 51 Aerometric Demi Signet in Black with the converging lines pattern gold filled cap date coded Parker stopped dating pens at some point in the s. A throw back photo from of a cool fantasy This is a Parker 51 double jewel Vacumatic in customized by Ariel Kullock in a burnt orange or ginger color plastic, including the cap top jewel, c.

It looks like a new pen. This is an Eclipse Streamline fountain pen in green c. This is a Parker 51 Flighter, an Aerometric filler fountain pen with a Lustraloy cap and barrel c.

Dating parker vacumatic pens

Ron Gilmour is a fountain pen enthusiast, would-be calligrapher, and librarian. You can find him online at Twitter gilmour70 and Instagram. In the introduction to this series , I mentioned that one of the drawbacks to the various sac-filling pens was ink capacity. Because you need room for the sac itself and whatever is compressing it, there’s a limit to how much ink you can get into a sac-filling pen.

someone please help to date this parker 51 The pen has a black body, inside on the Parker “51” Vacumatic Filler “First Year”

Parker had had a subsidiary in the UK since at least , as shown by old ads. First there was only marketing and a selling force. The setup worked fine, until World War II, when shipping became increasingly more risky. Some sources indicate that Parker already from time to time had had a co-operation with the Valentine Pen Company, in Newhaven, starting in the late ‘s. But the company had failed to become really successful in their own right. Part of the answer was probably that they never concentrated on one specific model, instead they would accept orders of maybe a dozen or two pens, a strategy that proved uneconomical.

According to David Shepherd in his book Parker Duofold, Valentine in even had to publicly apologise to the UK pen maker Conway Stewart for a patent infringement, albeit an unintended one. Note the cap on the bottom pen. It was of course convenient, as well as profitable, for Valentine to produce pens that was very similar to the Parker Duofolds. The same workers were now making both Valentine and Parker pens. Still in the beginning most parts were manufactured in Toronto, but gradually Newhaven took over the European market.

The very first Parker model that was solely made in Newhaven was the Parker Victory. It too shared many features with both the Valentines and the streamlined Duofolds , including colour schemes and plastics.

Parker Vacumatic Dating Codes

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This vintage fountain pen was made by Parker in the USA. Dating aside the aerodynamic design of the “51” has made it a classic and the plaudits it It is a premier model Parker “51” Vacumatic fountain pen and pencil set in a colour Parker.

This Model Identification guide is in no way a complete recapitulation of all these models. Dating is rather simple, since most Vacs have a date code engraved on the body. You’ll find it to the right of the imprint:. The first date codes emerged in , but lacking a date code doesn’t necessarily mean that the pen was made pre, since many imprints have been worn off.

The first date codes came in two digits, where the first digit denoted the quarter and the second the year. Hence a pen with the date code 15 was made in the first quarter of and 47 was manufactured the fourth quarter of

The Captain’s Cabin

With price sticker still on barrel. The filler is dry, as are most of these. Grey clip screw jewel. Made in U. Fine nib and Lustraloy cap with no dings or dents. Nickel plated Blue Diamond clip.

parker vacumatic: 4 generations: overview of style differences. (so-called “​Speedline), Several Styles can be found, depending on date of manufacture and​.

He received his first fountain pen related patent in The company’s first successful pen, released in , was the Parker Jointless. The Lucky Curve feed was used in various forms until From the s to the s, before the development of the ballpoint pen , Parker was either number one or number two in worldwide writing instrument sales. In Parker created Quink quick drying ink , which eliminated the need for blotting.

In , the company introduced its Liquid Lead pencil which used liquid graphite to write like a pen. Unfortunately, the Scripto company had introduced a similar product called Fluidlead a few months previously. To avoid a costly patent fight the companies agreed to share their formulas with each other. The company bought retailer and catalog company Norm Thompson in , and then sold it in In time Manpower provided more revenue than the pen business.

A spinoff, Sintered Specialties, Inc. A management buyout in moved the company’s headquarters to Newhaven, East Sussex , England, which was the original location of the Valentine Pen Company previously acquired by Parker. In Parker was purchased by the Gillette Company , which already owned the Paper Mate brand – the best-selling disposable ballpoint.

Queston About Date Codes On Vacumatic Pens

Single Jewel Maxes are less common than Double Jewel, which surprises since they were made for a longer period of time during a more prosperous era. So, these are less common than the earlier Maximas, but also are a bit less hot with collectors than are the early pens, so prices tend to approach but not transcend that of similar earlier DJ pens.

This one is from early Golden Pearl Celluloid. Superb Condition.

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Colors: The Parker Vacumatic. Hand painted by Michael Richter with additional text by Richard Binder. The pens actually went into production in ; the name underwent rapid changes to Vacuum Filler and then to Vacumatic, and a legend was born. Over the lifetime of the Vacumatic, a broad array of colors was available; but not all of the colors were offered at the same time.

When the Vacumatic went on the market in , the Standard line was offered in black, Burgundy Pearl, and Silver Pearl, while the Junior line was offered in black, marbled Grey or Burgundy, and Crystal. The information here is as accurate as possible, but you should not take it as absolutely authoritative.

Striped Colors. Emerald Green Pearl. Azure Blue Pearl. Burgundy Pearl.

Vintage Black Parker Vacumatic

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