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Islam in genral doesn’t allow Mutah marriage but only certain sects do but is still consider Not to mention how it is used nowadays as an adlib for dating not only to do Mutah there is a deviant Sect withing us called Shia AKA Rafidah they.

In fact, it can be argued that the Shia institution of temporary marriage is superior to live-in relationships, particularly those that do not endure for long. It saw a revival after the Islamic Revolution swept the Pahlavis from power in , not least because Shia clerics consciously injected it into public discourse to reify it. The rules for drawing sigheh are set in stone. For instance, the contract for temporary marriage can be drawn for one hour to 99 years; it cannot be for an indeterminate period.

Either of the couple can conduct it. The contract can also lay down other conditions. The marriage automatically dissolves at the end of the stated period. Thereafter, regardless of how short the marriage was, the woman has to observe sexual abstinence for the length of two menstruation cycles. That determination is needed because children born of temporary marriage enjoy the same status as their siblings born of a permanent marriage. After the contract expires, the temporary husband and wife can renew it.

The husband has the unilateral right to revoke the contract, but must pay the amount agreed upon. The woman, theoretically, cannot revoke the contract — a mark of her subordinate status — but she can refuse to be intimate with him, even leave him. In that case, she must pay back a part of the amount agreed upon. A man can simultaneously enter into multiple temporary marriages, but a woman can have only one temporary husband at a time.

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The previous semester, a fellow had asked me for help on a calculus project in one of the computer labs, and I helped him as best I could. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but a few months later the same man passed me in the hallway and engaged me in conversation. Gradually we became acquaintances. He asked me to eat out with him a few times and I cautiously accepted. I had been reading some Christian literature which recommended that you should save romantic contact, even kissing, until marriage.

I was leaning to the point of view that that is what I wanted to do. And then along he came and my resolve was put to the test because it was obvious that we both liked each other. After meeting perhaps half-a-dozen times, he told me he had something important he needed to talk to me about. In a mall, we sat down and he began to explain to me that in his religion dating was not permitted and so he didn’t want to continue with what we had been doing.

Instead, he told me about Mutah, the temporary marriage. At first, I was taken aback by the word “marriage” from a man I’d only known so briefly. But as he explained what Mutah marriage was, I quickly realized that I preferred it to dating. I could not see any reason not to accept because I didn’t want him to do something his religion didn’t approve of and secondly because I could not find in it a single disadvantage for myself.

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Family is very important for Shia girls and they often spend time together. In their free time, Shia girls usually do not mix with other genders but rather spend time with other females. Many look online to find love and meet their future spouses although family involvement and approval are of course of utmost importance in Shia tradition.

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Shia mutah dating. Please send shia articles to Mutah1 lycos. The Experience Of A Female Revert This is an excellent account dating a sister who has had to.

Objection Companions of the Prophet in the view of Ali as From the Colony of Virginia, followed by others, incorporated into law the principle that children took their mother’s status, i. Female and Male from only in Lahore contact us for Nikah e Muttah. It is even that, God forbid, it is permissible even with Sayyid women after giving them some money. Muslims girls are Not for dating please. Get together with other couples to help build loving marriages.

It is a term that has been introduced recently by those discussing a specific type of matrimonial arrangement. The love and meaning found in los angeles. Objection Mutah Temporary Marriage According to the Shias it is a very good deed to use women after giving them some pennies, without performing Nikah 7 with them.

Some girls don’t post their real photo. And God as the witness. S postal with tracking information after ceremony is Nikah is a marriage contract between a Muslim man and woman.

Afghanistan: Whether seigha (temporary marriage) is practiced in Afghanistan and by which groups

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Shia Islam allows a man and woman to marry for a fixed period of time, is not temporary, that is, there is no end date affixed to their contract.

In the sixteenth century, during the reign of Akbar , the islamic emperor of the Mughal Empire , who was believed to be a Hanafi Sunni, debates on religious matters were held how on Lucknow. When discussing nikah mut’ah, Shi’ite theologians argued that the historic Sunni scholar Malik ibn Anas supported the practice.

The Shi’ite theologians persisted and wisdom mut’ah was legalized for the twelve Shia during Akbar’s reign. For this reason the Zaidi Shia do how practice Mutah marriage. The Hanafi school of Sunni jurisprudence argues that although the dating mut’ah contract itself is valid, marriage is regarded as a permanent condition and therefore, the temporary marriage of the contract makes it void. The only Sunni Arab jurisdiction that mentions nikah mut’ah is Jordan ; if the nikah mut’ah meets mutah other requirements, it is treated as if it were a permanent dating.

The Gharab al Quran , the dictionary of Qur’anic terms states,. The Tafsir Haqqani , mutah critical explanation without the Quran states,. Islamic Muslims use this Hadith from Sahih Muslim as further evidence that even great companions like Ibn Abbas got it wrong and Ali had to correct him. And this wisdom by Ali they say ends the whole subject matter on the complete banning of mut’ah marriage.

De facto temporary marriages were conducted by Sunnis by not specifying how long the marriage can last without the written documents themselves while how agreeing to set a fixed period.

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According to the Shias it is a very good deed to use women after giving them some pennies, without performing Nikah with them. It is even that, God forbid, it is permissible even with Sayyid women after giving them some money. One who performs twice gets the rank of Husain. One who performs thrice gets the rank of Ali and one who performs Mutah four times gets the rank of the Holy Prophet S. I have estimated from a later writing that either the Rizwan editor is unaware of the meaning of Mutah or he intentionally wants to deceive the common people.

Mutah, or Nikah Mut’ah, is a temporary marriage in Shia Islam that ends after a fixed period of time. [1] X Research source A Mutah marriage is used so you can​.

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